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Teen Gives Birth in Airplane, Leaves Stillborn Fetus in Trashcan

KHOU reported that a 14-year-old Houston girl gave birth in an airplane bathroom Sunday and left the fetus in a trashcan. Preliminary autopsy reports indicate that the fetus was stillborn, police said Monday.
Investigators believe the birth occurred sometime during the flight, KHOU reported.
Dallas Morning News and KHOU reported that the girl, an eighth grader, didn’t know she was pregnant. Therefore, charges are unlikely to be filed.
“We're dealing with a scared child at this point,? investigator Keith Lovelace said. (Dallas Morning News).
Police were called to Bush Intercontinental Airport after cleaning crews found the fetus stuffed in a trash can in one of the airplane’s bathrooms Sunday afternoon. All of the passengers had exited the plane before the fetus was found.
The girl was questioned by investigators Sunday night, Dallas Morning News reported.
Dallas Morning News reported the girl was on the non-stop Continental Airlines flight from New York’s LaGuardia Airport as part middle school field trip. KHOU reported that Houston Independent School District confirmed that a choir from Perishing Middle School was on board the flight, but would not confirm whether the girl was part of that group.
KHOU’s article ended with a Q&A with a Houston-area obstetrician who answered questions about the logistics of the incident. This helped to clear up the ‘How?’ question.
The Dallas Morning News article was more of a breaking news article. It was short and filled space with specifics about the flight itself that didn’t really pertain to the story at hand.