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Three Grizzly Bears Arrive at Minnesota Zoo

The Pioneer Press reported that three Grizzly bears from Alaska arrived at the Minnesota Zoo on Friday. The bears will be part of the zoo’s new exhibit about Russia’s Grizzly Coast, which will open June 7.
Sadie, Kenai and Haines had been orphaned as cubs in Alaska and were found on three different days in 2006, the Star Tribune reported. The bears spent two years at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center before their 10-hour flight to Minnesota Friday.
The bears must now undergo a routine quarantine period so zookeepers can monitor them. The Pioneer Press reported that the quarantine period will last 30 days, while the Star Tribune reported that the bears will be quarantined until the exhibit’s opening June 7.
Since their arrival, zookeepers have been keeping the animals entertained by hiding peanuts in their hay and spraying their toys with apple juice. They will also be trained to open their mouths and show their feet when examined, the Pioneer Press reported.
The new exhibit will feature a trout stream, mud pots and geysers. But, according to Diana Weinhardt, supervisor of the new exhibit, the bears will be the stars. (Pioneer Press)