Wall Street Protesters Face Possible Eviction from Private Park

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by: Megan Gosch
Hundreds of members of the Occupy Wall Street group that have come together to protest an unjust financial system, are now turning heads as they create a home in the Lower Manhattan Zuccotti Park.
The protesters, made up of New York City residents as well as out-of-state travelers, have sought refuge and set up camp in the park for the past 10 days, as they continue to protest on Wall Street. Their make-shift home is not only made up of tents and tarps, but also includes; a library, an information booth, a computer center, a kitchen, and a lost and found, reported the New York Times.
Brookfield Office Properties, the private owners of Zuccotti Park, are "extremely concerned," with the conditions that the protesters have created, said Melissa Coley, Brookfield's spokeswoman.
"[We are] working with New York City to address these conditions and return the park to its intended purpose," said Coley. Coley has said that the intended purpose of the park is "for the use of enjoyment of the general public for passive recreation."
Broofield posted new rules Saturday in the park, banning the use of sleeping bags and tarps, and lying down or storing personal property in the park, reported WNYC News.
After making more than 80 arrests over the past weekend, the New York Police Department have made no comment about the possible eviction of the protesters.

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