Analysis: the marriage crusader

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Frank Schuber is a maestro.

Not in the same sense as Franz Schubert- the famous 19th century Austrian composer. The 21st century Schuber is a master of the campaign against same-sex marriage.

Schuber has orchestrated 30 successful campaigns to get marriage defined as a union of one man and one woman, according to the Star Tribune. This fall, he's looking for win No. 31 in Minnesota.

In August, the Star Tribune ran a feature story on Schuber. The story used seven sources, including Schuber, his colleagues and his adversaries.

The Star Tribune told Schuber's story in a chronological fashion, incorporating the sources as they pertained to Schuber's life. Most of the information in the story came from Schuber and the other sources, though some came from observation by the reporter.

The reporter, for example, incorporated direct observation that he must have gleaned during his interview with Schuber. He noted Schuber's posture as he works, where he interviewed Schuber, what he was drinking, and his side comments.

The reporter set up the attributions through effective transitions. He often used a stand-alone sentence to introduce another character before giving a quote.

This approach is effective. It gives the reader a clear idea of who the new source is and shows the breadth of Schuber's character.

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