Analysis: The Sixth District congressional race

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The Star Tribune ran a story Sunday showing that Republican Michele Bachmann holds a slight lead over democratic challenger Jim Graves.

The writer first presented the results of the poll, which said that Bachmann is favored by 51 percent of likely voters while Graves is favored by 45 percent. The writer then gave the details of the poll: it was conducted on Oct. 16 by Pulse Opinion Research and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

After summarizing the results and nature of how the poll was conducted, the author let each candidate respond to the results of the poll. She then explained the how specific demographics view each candidate.

The writer finished the story with a summary of the important issues in the sixth district and how each candidate has handled them.

The reporter's organizational structure was effective. She put the most news-worthy, important information- the results of the poll- at the beginning of the story. She put the more detailed and specific results of the poll in the middle of the story.

The structure was effective because it started with a broad topic- the congressional race- and broke it down along different demographics. Someone with an interest in politics would be curious about his or her demographic will vote in this election.

The author could have organized the story by how voters feel about specific issues, such as the economy. The approach the author took, however, seemed to be the most effective.

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