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The Star Tribune published a story Sunday about the possibility of a spike in tax rates starting in 2013. The story used numbers to explain how long congress has to solve the problem, how large the problem is, and how many people it could affect.

The numbers are not overwhelming because the reporter does a good job contextualizing them. He clearly explains how a combination of tax hikes and spending cuts would affect the U.S. economy. He highlights how the 'fiscal cliff' could result in two million jobs lost.

The reporter did use math to crunch the numbers. For example, he counted the number of days left until the tax hike goes into affect. This number, 50, added a sense of importance to this story.

He also used the numbers his sources presented. He wrote about the math of "Congressional budget experts", which gives the most important point of his story: that two million jobs could be lost.

The reporter used numbers to add to the depth and scope of his story. The numbers gave the story a sense of urgency and explained how devistating a tax hike could be.

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