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With the 'fiscal cliff' approaching, both the White House and Republican congressional leaders are trying to avert the dramatic cuts in spending and increases in tax rates set to take hold Jan. 1, according to the New York Times.

But as the author of this story explained, neither side agrees on how to do it.

The reporter gave the context of both the Democratic and Republican positions on the upcoming 'fiscal cliff', using quotes from each side's appearances on Sunday morning talk programs. She explained how both sides don't seem likely to compromise.

While the newsworthy event was the speeches each side gave on the Sunday morning talk shows, the reporter explained the events in more detail. She gave background information on the 'fiscal cliff' and explained what will happen should the government choose not to act.

She also explained that Democrats and Republicans disagree on a central part of this deal: how to tax rich people.

By explaining these events in the context of the entire issue, the reporter made the 'fiscal cliff' easy to understand for someone with little or no knowledge of this situation.

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