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2002 - Yucca Mountain

For years scientists have worked to figure out the best way to dispose of the radioactive waste and spent nuclear reactor fuel cells, and most agree that an underground facility is the best choice. During the 1980's several sites were looked at but by 1987 and the Nuclear Waste Policy Act, energies were being focused on Yucca Mountain, located in the desert of Nevada. The act made the Department of Energy responsible for finding a site and building and operating an underground waste disposal facility.

On July 23, 2002, President Bush signed House Joint Resolution 87 which allowed the Energy to take the next steps in establishing a safe repository, including preparing an application to obtain a Nuclear Regulatory Commission license to begin construction. The anticipated opening date of the Yucca Mountain Repository is March 31, 2017. Currently there are 131 temporary nuclear waste sites in 39 states.