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November 6, 2007 - American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month

Every year since 1990, the President of the United States has proclaimed November National American Indian Heritage Month.

National American Indian Heritage Month is an opportunity to honor the many contributions of American Indians and Alaska Natives and to recognize the strong and living traditions of the first people to call our land home.

American Indians and Alaska Natives continue to shape our Nation by preserving the heritage of their ancestors and by contributing to the rich diversity that is our country's strength. Their dedicated efforts to honor their proud heritage have helped others gain a deeper understanding of the vibrant and ancient customs of the Native American community. We also express our gratitude to the American Indians and Alaska Natives who serve in our Nation's military and work to extend the blessings of liberty around the world.

Full Presidential Proclamation for 2007


Many government agencies work with American Indians directly, or are celebrating American Indian heritage, such as:

Census Bureau - Demographics on American Indians and Alaska Natives

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Indian Health Service

Library of Congress - Native Americans

National Museum of the American Indian

National Park Service