February 8, 2008

February 8th, 2008 - Three Decades of Housing Data

"The year 1973 may not seem that long ago, but a lot of changes have taken place since then. In 1973, the United States signed the Paris Peace Accords, which presaged the country's withdrawal from Vietnam. The Watergate scandal was hitting the front pages...Secretariat won the Triple Crown...the latest James Bond movie was "Live and Let Die".. and the latest fashion was the Nehru jacket. Only slightly more than half of all Americans alive today had been born by 1973. The United State has experienced extensive demographic changes in the last three and a half decades -- changes that have signicantly affected the nation's housing stock. " -- from "Thirty-Years of Housing Data."

"The data statistically describes developments in housing that occurred in tandem with extensive demographic shifts in a population that grew larger, older, and more diverse." Research Works

Summary in "Research Works" :
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