December 3, 2007

December 3, 2007 - Congress back in Session

With Congress back in session for the next three weeks, several pieces of major legislation are on the agenda including:

* Appropriations
* War
* Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
* Terrorist surveillance House version Senate version
* Farm bill
* Energy

Check out the House of Representatives or Senate websites for additional information on debates and votes.

October 3, 2007

October 3, 2007 - Defects found in Drafted Men

GPL staff recently came across an interesting document in our collection. It is a 1920 War Department publication, Defects Found in Drafted Men: Statistical Information compiled from the Draft Records Showing the Physical Condition of the Men Registered and Examined in Pursuance of the Requirements of the Selective-Service Act. The 1,600 page report details hundreds of diseases and defects at both the national and the state level. It also tabulated the distribution of certain maladies to specific regions, compares urban and rural areas, and includes both accepted and rejected men.

The description of most common diseases in Minnesota which for the study is divided into four regions: northern, southern, mining, and Twin Cities. From the report: "In these sections, pulmanary tuberculosis is found most commonly in the northern section and least in the southern section. Venereal diseases are commonest in the Twin Cities, and next commonest in the mining section. They are least common in the northern section.... The southern half of Minnesota is [in] striking contrast physically from the northern part. The most striking differences in the population are the great excess of Scandinavians in the northern section, and their replacement, to a considerable extent by Germans in the southern section."

The document can be located in the GPL collection with the call number W 44.2:D 78.