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December 2009

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Freeman Commons Lectures Live!

Rachel Garaghty on December 31, 09

http://www.hhh.umn.edu/centers/freeman/index.html Go to above link to see excellent presentations held this semester as part of the Freeman Global Policy Workshop series. If...

J. Brian Atwood and E. Thomas Sullivan: Obama and the Afghan War

Rachel Garaghty on December 31, 09

Most of the coverage of President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize award focused on the irony of it all. Here was a man with a brief record of accomplishment in his first year of office, a President of the United States, inheriting and now commanding two wars, receiving a prize for peace. Yet, Barack Obama's acceptance speech summoned up the wisdom of the ages to address mankind's struggle to rationalize the worst manifestation of human behavior: war.

J. Brian Atwood: The Afghanistan Decision

Rachel Garaghty on December 8, 09

The Afghanistan Decision By J. Brian Atwood, Dean, Humphrey Institute Originally posted: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/j-brian-atwood/the-afghanistan-decision_b_382527.html Conservative critics have observed a lack of passion in...

Give Afghan farmers an option to opium

Rachel Garaghty on December 3, 09

Cotton would be a perfect fit, but our own domestic politics would stand in the way.

NPR: New Wave of Violence Against Women in Guinea

Rachel Garaghty on December 3, 09

http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=113966999 During a recent, peaceful, pro-democracy rally in Guinea, soldiers turned against women with unprecedented waves of sexual violence. Although soldiers have...

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