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July 12-18, 2010 Colombia

"Learning to Read the World from Multiple Perspectives: Peace Education toward Diversity & Inclusion"

The International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) 2010 will take place in Colombia from July 12-18, 2010. The Institute is being co-organized by the National Peace Academy (home of the IIPE secretariat) and FundaciĆ³n Escuelas de Paz in partnership with the Colombian National Ministry of Education and a consortium of organizations invested in furthering peace education in Colombia.

The IIPE was founded in 1982 by Dr. Betty Reardon and faculty colleagues at Teachers College Columbia University and has been held annually in different parts of the world. For 27 years the IIPE has been providing unique short-term, residential, cooperative learning experiences in peace education. The IIPE is not a conference but rather a "learning community" in which the organizers and participants work together to nurture an inclusive, highly interactive learning
environment. It is an intensive multicultural and cooperative learning experience in which participants learn from and with each other about substantive peace issues and interactive teaching approaches. The IIPE is also an opportunity for networking and community building among those who educate and work for a culture of peace in the host region and around the world.

August 1-7, 2010
Wilmington College * Wilmington, Ohio

The week-long Peacebuilding Peacelearning Intensive is designed for individuals and organizations who hope to launch new peacebuilding and change initiatives or enhance existing efforts. Participants will be coached in the design and development of a strategic peacebuilding plan that they will take back to and implement in their community or initiate in an organization they already work with. The plan will be assessed and evaluated by instructors and peers, and the National Peace Academy will provide ongoing guidance for project development after
completion of the Intensive.

The Peacebuilding Peacelearning Intensive is intended to advance the development of the full spectrum of knowledge, skills and capacities of the peacebuilder - inner and outer, personal and professional. In doing so it will provide a holistic introduction to the theory and practice
of peacebuilding and will engage participants in cooperative learning experiences designed to empower citizens to critically inquire into what needs and conditions are necessary for assuring a sense of security personally and socially; to envision, plan and strategize for the establishment of a just and sustainable social, political and environmental order that assures each and every citizen is safe, secure and able to live with dignity; and to facilitate the individual and communal learning required to make such transformations possible.

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