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Summer Course on Refugee and Forced Migration Issues May 8-16 2010

The Summer Course provides an interdisciplinary, interactive and experiential approach to the study of forced migration. Through attending lectures and related small group sessions, course participants develop a deepened understanding of the political, economic, social and cultural contexts of forced migration, and the major state and non-state institutions involved in refugee protection and advocacy.

The program uniquely includes simulated refugee hearings held at the Immigration and Refugee Board, Toronto. Participants will have also an opportunity during the course for structured networking and idea collaboration through participation in a theme-based small group session. All participants who complete the full course receive a York University Centre for Refugee Studies Summer Course Certificate.

Instructors for 2010:
Roberta Cohen, Brookings Institution Howard Adelman, York University
Sasha Baglay, UOIT, Osgoode Hall Law School Jennifer Hyndman, York University
Khalid Koser, Geneva Centre for Security Policy Alison Mountz, Syracuse University
Ogenga Otunnu, DePaul University Sean Rehaag, Osgoode Hall Law School
Anna Zalik, York University James Milner, Carleton University
Peter Showler, University of Ottawa Randa Farah, University of Western Ontario
Debra Pressé, Citizenship and Immigration Canada Christina Clark-Kazak, York University
Andrew Brouwer, Jackman & Associates Law Firm, Toronto, ON

The Target Audience Participant Requirements

The Summer Course is designed for academic and field-based practitioners working in the area of forced migration. Participants typically include government officials, non-government organization personnel, university faculty, and graduate students. Applicants must have either some academic or practical background in forced migration. If the background is strictly academic, a first degree is required. (Undergraduate students may apply to the course if they are completing their degree prior to the course start date.) Applicants must have English proficiency.

Dates: May 8-16th 2010
Times: Full course days will run 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. Opening reception and registration is in the afternoon of May 8.
Location: York University Toronto, Keele Campus
Course Fee*: $975.CAD (registration before February 26, 2010)
Late Registration Fee: $1100.CAD (registration after February 26, 2010)
Application materials may be submitted either electronically, by fax or by mail to:

Summer Course Coordinator
Irene Connie Tumwebaze
Centre for Refugee Studies York University,York Research Tower 8th Floor
4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 1P3
Phone: 416-7362100 Ext: 55423
Fax: 416-736-5837
E-mail: summer@yorku.ca

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