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Film Your Issue Video Competition

Deadline April 19, 2009

We are seeking your innovative solutions to issues or problems that exist around us and that you think need the attention of the public and policymakers. We think that 14 to 24 year olds can offer a fresh, innovative approach to community problem-solving.

Specifically, we are looking for workable project ideas that can be implemented locally to tackle a problem in a realistic, doable way. Some examples could be a program or project in a community to recycle used cell phones, or programs to train under-employed youth for employment, or ideas that might address national security or civil rights issues.

Identify a significant problem that you are concerned about, think of a solution you believe will work, script it, film it, and then submit your three-minute video to the Film Your Issue competition. Your video should articulate the problem and propose a specific solution to deal with that problem.

Submission is open January 18 through April 19 and the person submitting must be between 14 and 24 years old.The more dynamic the presentation of your issue and proposed project to solve it, the more you will capture our attention and enthusiasm for it. While cinematic quality always helps, a great project idea will sway our hearts and minds. Innovative thinking is as important as artistic and technical slickness.

About Your Project Idea
In addition to your video we will ask a few questions to frame your project in greater detail. Along with your video, we will also need you to submit a description of your project to solve the problem, providing more detail. The more you consider and address the following, the better your chances are to win.

* What is the specific problem you are identifying?
* How would your project solution address the problem?
* What are the aspects of your project that are original and innovative? How?
* What costs would be involved in launching the project, and how long would it take to implement?
* Is it "transferrable" so that it could be copied in other cities or countries?
* How many people do you estimate it would it take to carry out the project? How many jobs might need to be paid positions? How many could be volunteer positions?
* Do you see this as a non-profit project, or a for-profit business? Would the project generate its own funds or, do you see it needing to be funded by government or private foundations or donors? Or could it be a combination of the two?

How We Will Judge the Entries
After the close of the submission period, the What's Your Issue Foundation organizers will select two to three dozen semi-finalists for further consideration for awards.

A panel of VIP Judges will select the winners, based on criteria listed below. Additionally, a popular favorite will be selected by the public who votes on YouTube.

The VIP Judges will evaluate the semi-finalists based on
(a) overall originality and creativity;
(b) execution of the video presentation in an articulate, concise, visual appealing, and compelling way;
(c) feasibility of the proposed project to solve the problem: including such factors as how innovative it is, its viability for implementation within a neighborhood or community, and the short- and long-term impactful of the project idea.It is important to note that innovation and originality in your presentation and conception of the proposed project is as important as
video expertise.

Who Is Eligible?
The Film Your Issue competition is open to all global young adults 14 to 24.Global submissions are eligible for all our Jury Awards, and all presentation platforms. Due to the labyrinth of global legalities of any competition, the Audience Favorite winner, as selected by the public on YouTube, is only eligible to U.S. residents.

How to Submit
1. Choose an issue that matters to you. Check out the nine front-burner issues we've listed on our Issues page. We've listed some considerations for each issue there that may get you started in thinking about your solution-project.
2. Develop a project that will solve or address the issue -- we call this your "solution-project."
3. Produce a 1-3 minute video describing the issue and your proposed solution-project.
4. Upload and submit your video at the Film Your Issue YouTube Channel.
5. Register here on the What's Your Issue website.
6. Then login to your What's Your Issue account and update your profile
with info about your video submission.

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