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Global Language Network - Low cost language classes in D.C.

GLN's mission is to promote global understanding, cooperation and achievement by building people's foreign language skills and cross-cultural competence.

We offer free language classes in more than 50 languages using an innovative learning approach. Our model is supported by three pillars: our volunteer teacher base, deposit system and immersion methodology.

GLN teachers are a rich and diverse group of native speakers who volunteer their time because they are passionate about sharing their language and culture with others. Their involvement allows us to offer classes in 20-30 languages each semester including all languages deemed 'critical' by the US government.

Our deposit system requires students to put down $150 in order to register for a class. This helps manage class enrollment and encourages regular attendance. Students are entitled to receive their deposit in full if they miss no more than three classes throughout the semester.

The GLN offers immersion classes which expose students to the target language in a comfortable and interactive environment. At GLN learning a language is easy and enjoyable: we engage our students, provide them with practical skills, cultural knowledge and awareness, and build their confidence to communicate effectively and appropriately around the globe.

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