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International Budget Partnership: Join, Network, Contribute an Article

The International Budget Partnership (IBP) works with civil society organizations (CSOs) and researchers worldwide that do applied budget analysis as a dedicated and significant part of their work. Although the IBP's primary mission is to support the work of CSOs, our efforts also include maintaining contacts and cooperating with individuals and institutions that have expertise in budget-related issues, such as international organizations, governments, and universities. We engage directly or through our partners with legislators and supreme audit institutions (SAIs), as well.

Sign up for IBP's Electronic Publications
The IBP's electronic publications document and promote the organizations and activities of the budget-work community and foster an international dialogue on budget transparency and accountability. The bimonthly e-Newsletter is the first choice for civil society, researchers, policymakers, and donors interested in learning about civil society participation in budgeting. Budget Briefs are short, accessible think-pieces intended to spark debate and challenge thinking on the work of monitoring public budgets. The Open Budgets Blog encourages discussion and debate on timely issues related to budget work and global development. Subscribe to one or all of our e-publications online, or send us an email with your name and email address to info@internationalbudget.org.

Submit an Article to Be Considered for the IBP Newsletter
If you are working on something new in the field of "applied budget work" (participation in budget processes in order to improve budget systems, policies, and outcomes) and are interested in reaching thousands of advocates, civil society organizations, researchers, policymakers, and donors, then submit a 300-500 word article for our e-Newsletter to info@internationalbudget.org. Accepted articles might include reports on different policy approaches, developments in the field, and reviews of new publications or relevant presentations. You might want to look at previous issues of the e-Newsletter to get an idea of the types of articles our readers value.

Join the International Budget Listserv
If you would like to join an ongoing discussion on current budget issues or start a new one, the IBP listserv can connect you with budget experts around the world. Sign up for the IBP e-Publications and Listserv online, or send us an email at info@internationalbudget.org.

Connect with Budget Groups
The IBP provides information on over 80 organizations around the world that are doing budget work. Find a Group in your country or one that is working on issues you care about or using methodologies you are interested in.

Join the International Budget Network Directory
The IBP's international budget network directory offers information on civil society organizations or coalitions engaged in budget analysis and advocacy with an interest and commitment to transparency, participation, good governance, and poverty reduction. The IBP budget network directory, which is constantly being updated, provides a map of the growing number and diversity of organizations involved in budget monitoring activities around the world. The IBP provides opportunities for you to promote your work through the IBP's website and newsletter, learn from other groups engaged in similar work around the world, and collaborate on national and international efforts to make public budget processes more open, participatory, and accountable and to improve budget outcomes. If your organization or coalition is engaged in any kind of public budget monitoring work and would like to be included in the international budget network directory, we invite you to fill out the international budget network directory form.

Learn More About Doing Budget Work
The IBP offers online resources to help you get started doing budget work, research budget-related issues, analyze budgets, and use budget work to strengthen your issue-related advocacy. We also provide training and technical assistance to our partners through our Training program.

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