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Women and Conflict Programs in San Diego Accepting Applications - Deadline June 1

Women PeaceMaker Application Deadline: June 1, 2010

Peace Writer Application Deadline: June 15, 2010

The Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice (IPJ) in San Diego, California,
is currently accepting applications for its Women PeaceMakers Program (WPM).
The WPM program is designed for leaders from conflict-affected countries around
the world who are transforming conflict and assuring gender-inclusion in post
conflict recovery through in human rights advocacy and peace building efforts
they lead. These are women whose stories and best practices will be shared
internationally; they are women who will have a respite from the frontlines
work they do.

Four Women PeaceMakers are selected each year to spend two months in residence
at the Institute. They will receive a small stipend while having their unique
peacemaking stories documented, through both film and narratives that will be
available to inspire others around the world. Women PeaceMakers in residence
will have the opportunity to engage with the community through a series of
public panels and to meet with other activists and leaders involved in human
rights, political action and peacemaking efforts.

Four Peace Writers are selected each year to document the stories of Women
PeaceMakers for publication. Writers will interview the Women and engage in
extensive research to become familiar with the histories of their conflicts and
peacemaking efforts.

***Residency dates are September 12-November 5 for Peace Makers and
September 7-November 26 for Peace Writers.***

For more information about the program and an application please visit the
IPJ web site at http://peace.sandiego.edu or contact Jennifer Freeman,
Women PeaceMakers Program Officer, at jenfreeman@sandiego.edu

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