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Global Health Course Starts at UMN July 6

Please use this address to register for the Global Health Course:
We are approaching the start of the 2010 Global Health Course: July 6, 2010 - August 27, 2010

Space is still available to register to attend the course by the day or by the weekly module: www.cmecources.umn.edu
CME 2010 Registration Form.doc
2010 Global Health Course.pdf

Register today to receive the most relevant and comprehensive global health care information available.

Course attendees will have the opportunity to:

-acquire a basic knowledge of all major diseases throughout the world and how these diseases effect differing populations.
-increase their quality of care for globally mobile populations.
-improve their level of cultural competence.
-decrease health disparities.
-achieve core competencies in global health.
-develop leadership skills in global health education and clinical care.
-build connections to national and international health care experts.

Please feel to share this invitation to register for the 2010 Global Health Course with your colleagues.

Thank you.



Registration is accessible for the 2010 Global Health Course via the Office of Continuing Medical Education (CME) at the University of Minnesota.



Our Global Health Course has been designed for local, national, and international health care providers that serve globally mobile populations such as immigrants, refugees, and/or travelers.


Participants include University of Minnesota and non-University of Minnesota medical students, residents, and fellows as well as local, national, and international practicing and retired physicians, nursing students, registered nurses, licensed nurse practitioners, physician assistants, veterinarians, and active military personnel.


The goal of the Global Health Course is to provide medical education to local, national, and international health care providers so that they may become better able to confidently identify, correctly diagnose, and appropriately treat their patients within the Global Village.


ŸThe Global Health Course strives to help reduce disparities in health care and outcomes for globally mobile populations.

ŸThe Global Health course strives to provide the most current and relevant training and support for those who are committed to "Global Health".

ŸThe Global Health Course strives inspire students, residents, physicians, and practicing health care providers to provide services in communities that are underserved.


ŸHealth care providers will acquire a basic knowledge of all major diseases throughout the world and how the diseases, proportionally or disproportionally, effect differing populations.

ŸHealth care providers will increase their quality of care for globally mobile populations.

ŸHealth care providers will improve their cultural competence.

ŸHealth care providers will be able to help decrease health disparities.

ŸHealth care providers will achieve core competencies in global health.

ŸHealth care providers will develop leadership skills in global health education and clinical care.

ŸHealth care providers will build connections to national and international health care experts.

ŸHealth care providers will have the opportunity to connect with local, national, and international medical communities.


Along with being an outstanding source for the most current and relevant Tropical and Travel Medicine information, our Global Health Course is a certificate preparation course that is one of 17 courses offered internationally, and the only course that is co-sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Once participants complete our American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) accredited Global Health Course and complete an international rotation, they are qualified to sit for the biannually-offered exam that leads to a Certificate of Knowledge in Clinical Tropical Medicine and Travelers' Health; CTropMed ®.



ŸThe Global Health Course will be in session starting July 6, 2010 through August 27, 2010.

ŸThe class will meet in the Moos Tower, classrooms will be announced.

ŸThe classroom schedule runs Monday through Friday from approximately 8am until 5pm.

ŸThe course agenda includes lectures, some of which will be interactive, case presentations, and several hands-on laboratory sessions that focus on Malaria and the use of Ultra Sound technology.

ŸClass members will be escorted to labs and the simulation center when applicable.

ŸSince participants may take the course modules in any order and over any amount of time; we strive to offer a similar course layout each year.

ŸThe 2010 agenda will not be announced until shortly before the course begins, however, you may view previous curriculum on our web site at: http://www.globalhealth.umn.edu/course/curriculum/home.html


ŸAll course participants will register through the University of Minnesota's Continuing Medical Education (CME) office at: www.cmecourses.umn.edu

ŸParticipants may register up until the course starts and/or prior to the start of individual module that is to be taken.

ŸException: University and non-University medical students will register through the University of Minnesota Medical School at http://www.meded.umn.edu/clerkships/MED_7607.php

ŸPlease see our web site for information regarding registration and fees at: http://www.globalhealth.umn.edu/course/eligibilityandfees/home.html


ŸWe are in the process of developing an on-line version of the Global Health Course.

ŸThe on-line course will mirror the regular in-person classes but will include enhancements for the distance learner/participant.

ŸOur mission is to offer Module 1 and Module 7 within 2010.

ŸWe would like to note that for ASTMH accreditation purposes, the modules that contain laboratory components (Malaria and Ultra Sound) must be taken in person.


ŸA variety of parking options are available on campus however, the most economical parking area is located by the new UMN football stadium.


ŸPlease let us know if you will be in need of housing during your stay as we can reserve a room for you on campus at the University of Minnesota Comstock Hall dormitory.

ŸThe cost for housing in the dormitory is approximately $47 per day.

ŸAdditional logistical information is available on our web site at: http://www.globalhealth.umn.edu/course/logistics/home.html

ŸActive military personnel may contact Debbie Luedtke for alternative logistical information at luedt047@umn.edu

Please contact Debbie Luedtke for additional information at luedt047@umn.edu

Debbie Luedtke
University of Minnesota-Department of Medicine
Global Health Pathway and Global Health Course
"Medical Education in the Global Village"
PWB 14-124, MMC 284
420 Delaware Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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