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Stimson Center (Wash DC) internships, apply by July 15 for autumn

The Henry L. Stimson Center seeks interns for a professional and educational experience in discovering the way in which non-profit organizations can contribute to the understanding of issues in international and homeland security. The Stimson Center offers unique internship opportunities based on the values of education, participation, and hands-on practical knowledge.

Based on the Center's commitment to professional development, expectations for interns are high. In return, interns can expect a challenging environment which will prepare them for full time employment in a professional setting.

Internships are volunteer experience only. All internships are unpaid.

Major responsibilities

Internships at the Stimson Center focus on the areas of research, professional development, and project administration. Internships may include:

* Proofreading, editing, and distributing Stimson publications
* Writing brief summaries of activities in the news
* Helping to maintain the Stimson Center website
* Tracking specific issue areas in the media
* Taking notes in meetings, both on and off-site
* Project coordination
* Working as a team with members of the Stimson staff and other interns
* Administrative activities which will contribute to a fuller understanding of how non-profit organizations operate

Applicants are not expected to have specialized expertise, but should be highly motivated and sincere in their desire for an internship that is challenging and professional in nature. Interns can expect close and constant interaction with program staff, including their respective program directors. Under the oversight of the project director, the supervising RA will be asked to prepare an evaluation of the intern's performance at the midpoint and at the close of the internship. The intern will also be expected to evaluate the internship program at the Stimson Center and their individual experience.
Project Areas

The Stimson Center seeks interns for project areas including the following (please click on the links for important information on internships in each project area):

* Proliferation and Transnational Crime - Managing Across Boundaries
* Global Health Security
* Asian Political Economy
* East Asia
* South Asia/Nonproliferation
* Southwest Asia/Gulf
* Regional Voices
* Future of Peace Operations
* Security for a New Century Study Group
* Fundraising/Communications
* Budgeting for Foreign Affairs and Defense
* Nuclear Weapons and International Security

Please note that not all projects hire interns for every cycle, although most do.

Professional Development

The Stimson Center also hosts a regular professional development series for interns, allowing them the opportunity to interact with Stimson Center management and senior associates; leaders in the public (government agencies, NGOs, other think tanks, graduate universities) and private (defense, consulting firms) sector; and other individuals that will help the intern to expand his/her interests and skill set.

Recently, our interns have gone on to careers in the State Department, the Department of Defense, the United Nations, various think tanks, and other organizations. Others have chosen to continue their education at graduate programs, including those at Georgetown, SAIS at Johns Hopkins, etc.

How to Apply

Internships will be will be recruited for three separate cycles. Applications are accepted year-round and will be reviewed on the following (approximate) dates:

Applications Reviewed

March 1

September - December
July 15

January - May
November 15

To apply, please e-mail internships@stimson.org:

1. A copy of our Application Form, titled: Last Name, First Name - Application Form
2. Your resume, titled: Last Name, First Name - Resume
3. A cover letter explaining interest in the position, availability, and interest in a specific project or projects, titled: Last Name, First Name - Cover Letter
4. A short writing sample (no more than 5 pages), titled: Last Name, First Name - Sample

- OR -

Submit the above FOUR documents in one file, titled: Last Name, First Name - Complete Application

Applicants will be interviewed over the phone or, when possible, in person. Due to the volume of applications received, only those selected for interviews will be contacted. The selection process takes approximately one month following the deadline.

Helpful Hints

* Describe in your cover letter why you are interested in a particular project.
* Try to keep your cover letter to one page.
* Your resume should not exceed one page.

Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship

The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship invites college graduates to apply for six to nine month fellowships in Washington, DC, focusing on arms control, peace, and international security issues. Scoville Fellows serve with one of the twenty-five participating public-interest organizations, including the Henry L. Stimson Center. They may undertake a variety of activities, including research, writing, and advocacy on a range of security issues, including nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, non-proliferation, missile defense, weapons trade, and peacekeeping, that support the goals of their host organization, and may attend coalition meetings, policy briefings and Congressional hearings. Benefits include a stipend, health insurance and travel to Washington, DC. For complete details, see http://www.scoville.org or call (202) 543-4100 x124.

All questions should be directed to internships@stimson.org.
No phone calls, please.

Due to the volume of applications received, only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

The Henry L. Stimson Center is an equal opportunity employer and actively seeks
candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Career Resources

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