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Advanced Trainings for Conflict Transformation 2010

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A new series of advanced trainings in English language will take place in Autumn 2010.
If you need a visa please apply as soon as possible!

Security Management for Peace Work in Conflict Zones
18 - 22 October 2010
Peace workers face threats not only because of where they work but also because of what type of work they do. Harassment, kidnapping, armed robberies, car jacking and murder are just some of the threats. This workshop is specifically for management level
staff and others who are responsible for security (if you are interested in attending a personal security workshop for fieldworkers, please contact KURVE Wustrow).

The workshop will focus on creating policies, programmes and practices that make peace work safer. In order to do their vital work, peace-orientated NGOs need to proactively manage security: The price of doing peace work should not be the lives of peace workers.

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