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Jobs in Bangalore: Conflict Management (Hindi, English)

Crossposted from Peace and Collaborative Development Network

Meta-Culture Consulting (www.meta-culture.in), located in Bangalore, India, is seeking qualified individuals for the positions of 1) Conflict Management Trainer & Consultant, and 2) Business Development & Client Manager for Corporate Education.

The Company

Meta-Culture is the proud recipient of the 2010 Outstanding Leadership Award from the Association for Conflict Resolution's (ACR) International Development Committee.

Meta-Culture is India's first specialized organization dedicated to the field and practice of Conflict Resolution. A pioneering organization based in Bangalore, Meta-Culture endeavors to build peaceable and sustainable communities by changing how people address conflict and make decisions.

Meta-Culture is applying the best methodologies in the field of Conflict Resolution to change the culture of discourse in society. We transform unproductive and destructive debate into a productive exchange of information, ideologies, and ideas. Our aim is to help conflicting stakeholders first understand and respect each other's attitudes and perspectives, and then apply their diverse thinking to joint problem solving. The result is better decision-making, more sustainable agreements, smarter policies, and stronger more peaceable communities.

Only a holistic and inclusive approach can successfully navigate swiftly changing and unpredictable social environments. Instead of applying a single strategy to all situations, we use a variety of methodologies, including Situation Assessment, Mediation, Dialogue, and Consensus Building. We believe such a flexible and integrated approach is critical for the resolution of dynamic and changing social issues.

Meta-Culture works with families, communities, NGOs, governments, academic and faith-based institutions, national and multi-national companies, and other local, national, and international organizations. Our international team has advanced degrees in Conflict Resolution and related fields, and vast experience doing this work in India and other countries.

Meta-Culture takes pride in a very lively and unique work culture, intellectual rigor, creativity, and the highest professional standards. The work we do is challenging and, for the right people, extremely fulfilling. For more information about our work, please visit our websites: www.meta-culture.in and www.meta-culture.org.

Job Description - Trainer & Consultant

Meta-Culture seeks an experienced Trainer/Consultant to deliver training programs, do business development, and conduct interventions in the field of Conflict Management and allied areas.

Your primary responsibility with the Meta-Culture Training Department will be to learn and deliver Meta-Culture's training material to corporate and social sector clients.

More specifically, you will be expected to:

√ Study and do internal practice of Meta-Culture's training programs in Conflict Management and Collaborative Negotiation.
√ When ready, be a co-trainer for training programs in Conflict Management and Collaborative Negotiation.
√ Conduct pre-training diagnostics interviews/needs assessments and compose diagnostic reports.

Your primary responsibility with the Meta-Culture Consulting Department will be to provide support to the department and actively contribute its business development and program activities.

More specifically, you will be expected to:

√ Contribute actively to the department's Business Development activities in the corporate and social sectors.
√ Engage in marketing, outreach, and sales efforts, in India and abroad, to increase visibility, bring in new clients, and increase revenue.
√ Write concept notes, fee proposals, diagnostic reports, meeting reports, and project summary reports.
√ Conduct diagnostics and conflict assessments.
√ Support intervention design, strategy, and execution (i.e., in multi-stakeholder Dialogue and Consensus-Building initiatives, complex corporate/social sector disputes, etc.).
√ Plan and implement project logistics.
√ Manage ongoing projects and serve as coordinator/team lead where necessary.
√ Develop knowledge of Conflict Resolution theories and methodologies.
√ Contribute to internal learning and development initiatives.

In fulfilling the above responsibilities, you will have the opportunity to learn about Meta-Culture's training, mediation, Dialogue facilitation, Consensus Building facilitation, and other Conflict Resolution methodologies.


You should have:

√ A Masters Degree (preferably in Conflict Resolution or another social science) with 1+ years of experience in training, facilitation, and/or mediation, or
√ A Bachelors degree with 3+ years experience in training, facilitation, and/or mediation.
√ Effective and demonstrable project management skills.
√ International exposure, i.e., a minimum of 1 year living abroad, preferably in a developing country.
√ A high level of comfort communicating with senior corporate and political officials.

We prefer that you have/are:

√ Practical knowledge and experience conducting conflict assessments and/or developing conflict assessment tools.
√ Completely fluent in written and spoken English.
√ Confident, organized, proactive, and articulate.
√ Able to multi-task and manage stress.
√ Open and willing to work in an urban environment that, while mostly English speaking, can be culturally and socially challenging.
√ Open to challenging yourself at personal and professional levels.
√ Committed to deep reflection, introspection, and learning about yourself.
√ Not conflict avoidant, but rather willing and able to talk constructively with people with whom you disagree.
√ Open to continuous learning and eager to try out new skills and concepts in the field.
√ Open to the unique culture we are creating at Meta-Culture and helping us grow as per our vision.
√ Very well informed about the world.
√ Fluent in an Indian language.

Job Description - Business Development and Client Manager, Corporate Education

Meta-Culture seeks an experienced Business Development and Client Manager to head our Corporate Education Department.

Your primary responsibilities will include, but will not be limited to:

√ Designing and implementing best practice business development and client management systems.
√ Doing outreach and networking with new and existing clients to determine how Meta-Culture can meet their Learning and Development needs.
√ Building strong relationships with clients' HR teams, senior managers, and other key stakeholders.
√ Maintaining regular and proactive communication with all existing clients through e-mail, telephone, and face-to-face meetings.
√ Leveraging your corporate contacts to generate leads for the consulting division.
√ Writing proposals with recommendations for training programs in Conflict Management, Collaborative Negotiation, Cross-Cultural Communication, Leadership and Influence Building, Decision-Making and Problem-Solving, and more.
√ Securing contracts by negotiating financial agreements and terms and conditions.
√ Conducting pre-training diagnostics interviews/needs assessments and composing diagnostic reports.
√ Organizing and developing content for training programs and interventions in coordination with our trainers and consultants.
√ Creating case studies, power points, and other program content.
√ Organizing training program logistics, including room arrangement, training materials, and trainer travel arrangements.
√ Compiling participant feedback and writing post-training evaluation reports.
√ Overseeing client invoicing and payment follow-up.


You should have/be:

√ A Masters Degree (preferably in Conflict Resolution, Business Management, Human Resource Management, or Organizational Development) with 1+ years of experience in organizational business development/fundraising, training, or Human Resource management, or
√ A Bachelors degree with 3+ years experience in organizational business development/fundraising, training, or Human Resource management.
√ Very computer literate; knowledge of programs like Power Point, Excel, Access, and Corel Draw are an advantage.
√ Prior experience managing teams, multi-tasking, and doing client outreach/ networking.
√ Confident, trustworthy, extremely organized, detail-oriented, and articulate.
√ The ability to multi-task and manage stress.
√ The ability to work independently, proactively, and with little supervision.
√ A love of client networking, sales pitching, and contract negotiation, accompanied by ambition and drive.
√ A desire to help grow and maintain a start-up organization.
√ An acute understanding of quality, professionalism, and what it takes to build a world-class organization.

We prefer you are/have:

√ Completely fluent in written and spoken English.
√ Able to creatively overcome adversity, disappointment, and setbacks.
√ A quick learner who is open to reflection and introspection.
√ Open to giving and receiving feedback without being defensive or judgmental.
√ Willing and able to talk constructively with people with whom you disagree.
√ Open to the unique culture we are trying to create at Meta-Culture and helping us grow as per our vision.
√ Knowledge of the Indian corporate sector and an ability to deal with corporate executives;
√ Fluency in Hindi is a distinct advantage.

Compensation and Location

Meta-Culture's income is generated from fee-for-service work; we do not receive any funding from governmental, corporate, or philanthropic institutions. You will be paid in local currency (INR) and will earn a modest salary based on local living standards in Bangalore; this salary will enable you to live comfortably in this thriving city. We are also open to negotiating your starting salary based on your particular needs and circumstances.

As we are the only professional dispute management organization in the subcontinent, the opportunities for learning and development in your career will be extraordinary. Meta-Culture is moving towards becoming an employee-owned company.

You must be interested in relocating to Bangalore, India for a minimum of 2 years.

Contact Us

Please send your resumé and a cover letter stating the position you are applying for and why you would like to work for Meta-Culture to Ashok Panikkar, Executive Director, ashokpanikkar@meta-culture.in.

To learn more, you may also call our office at: +91-80-4152-4785/+91-80-4117-2421

Check us out at: www.meta-culture.in and www.meta-culture.org

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