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Places still open in European Summer School: Culture & Technology (open to grad students)

All the necessary information can be found in our multi-lingual portal http://www.culingtec.uni-leipzig.de/ESU/

European Summer School ā€˛Culture & Technology", 26-30.07.2010 University of Leipzig

as after the completion of the reviewing process there are now again some places and bursaries left we would like to encourage interested parties to apply for a place.

The bursaries are travel bursaries and cover journey, accommodation and stay.

Application for a place in one of the workshops

The number of participants is limited to 50. Applications for a place in a specific workshop will be made via ConfTool.

When applying, a curriculum vitae, a letter of motivation (300-500 words), and a declaration that an allocated place will be taken up, is to be handed in.

As the selection of participants is made together with the instructors of the individual workshop, the letter of motivation is to be presented in English. As the Summer School is supposed to be multilingual the curriculum needs to contain information about the knowledge of languages.

Preference will be given to young scholars of the Humanities who are planning, or are already involved with, a technology-based research project and describe this project in a qualified way.

Young scholars of Engineering and Computer Sciences are expected to describe their specialities and interests in such a way that also non specialists can follow and that they
support their expectations from the summer school with good arguments.

When allocating a place in a specific workshop not only the preferences expressed by the applicants will be taken into account, but also the needs shown by the project descriptions

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the organizers at: esu2010(at)uni-leipzig.de.

Elisabeth Burr
Organizer of the European Summer School
University of Leipzig

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