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Dean Atwood take Obama Administration position? How bad (for UMN) rumors start.


Atwood response: "This might be of interest to our global students. Its not true but they spelled my name correctly!"

Laura Rozen: on foreign policy: Who for Lew, cont'd September 13, 2010
Categories:State Department,USAID.Who for Lew, cont'd

The Obama administration is expected to name a nominee to succeed Deputy Secretary of State Jack Lew in the coming days, multiple officials tell POLITICO.
Obama poached Lew this summer to head the Office of Management and Budget.
As to who the nominee will be to succeed him, we are told it's someone who has significant experience dealing with the Hill, at a fairly high level. And the job also as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conceived it has a strong budget and management focus as well as on the development issue (while the other Deputy Secretary of State Jim Steinberg has a more policy-oriented role.)

Several names we've run up the flag pole came back as no's.

But one name who as yet seems to fit many of the specs is former Clinton-era USAID Administrator J. Brian Atwood, currently the dean of the University of Minnesota's Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs.
Among Atwood's other relevant experience, he served as Under Secretary of State for Management and Budget in the Clinton administration before becoming USAID administrator, and as a former Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs in the Carter administration.
Atwood and his office did not immediately respond to queries.

Other sources had expected the candidate to be an accounting wizard in Lew's mould who has juice on the Hill and would be non-controversial to be confirmed -- a surprisingly rare set of qualifications to find in one person.

Meantime, among those we've been told who are not going to be the candidate are the current Under Secretary of State for Management and Budget Patrick Kennedy, former Clinton North Korea advisor Wendy Sherman, and SRAP Richard Holbrooke.

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