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Event for 20 women peace buiders from around the world (Wash. DC and Cambrige, Mass)

Women interested in participating can apply by submitting a CV, which highlights their mediation experience, and a bio to kalpana_simhan@huntalternatives.org. Further details on the program, including participant criteria can be found here: Concept Note

Inclusive Security covers all travel, meal, and accommodation costs for participants.

The deadline for submitting applications is October 31, 2010.

The Institute for Inclusive Security is now accepting applications for its 2011 Colloquium, entitled "Across Conflict Lines: Women Mediating for Peace," which will be held on January 8-22 in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Washington, DC.

Colloquium is an annual event which brings together 20 leading women peace builders around a common theme. Participants engage in 3-4 days of teaching, speaking, and exchange at Harvard University, followed by a week in Washington, DC where they will participate in simulations, devise policy recommendations, and engage in advocacy with high-level policymakers.

For the 2011 Colloquium, we are hoping our participants will serve as senior-level mediators in the future. We are looking for experienced and accomplished women peace builders, who have received some degree of recognition or endorsement for their work as mediators.

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