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NextBillion 2011 business case writing competition

For more information see: http://www.nextbillion.net/nextbillion-2011-case-writing-competition


NextBillion.net is proud to announce the NextBillion 2011 Case Writing Competition, our second annual academic business case competition, co-sponsored by the William Davidson Institute, Acumen Fund, and Ashoka. We seek to find and publish the best business cases on social enterprise and the base of the pyramid, in order to engage students and faculty on campuses all over the world in the emerging field of social enterprise.

* First Place: $1,000
* Second Place: $500
* Third Place: $250
* Fourth and Fifth: $100 each

Winners will also receive autographed copies of Acumen Fund founder Jaqueline Novogratz's The Blue Sweater and be interviewed and profiled on NextBillion.

Competition Details
Case submissions must be on a social enterprise (e.g., VisionSpring) or a relevant base of the pyramid (BoP) topic (e.g., talent managment at the base of the pyramid). A social enterprise is broadly defined as a business that targets a poor population to sell and/or source its goods or services. The enterprise must have a specific social objective and seek long-term self-financing. It may be a for-profit or nonprofit organization. Cases may address, for example:

* Effective, scalable business models and innovations
* Other market-based approaches that create a social impact
* BoP consumer behavior
* The role of the private and/or public sector in poverty alleviation or social enterprise development
* Hybrid Value Chains, for-profits and social entrepreneurs working together
* Specific topics may include, for example:
* Micro-franchising
* Financial long-term sustainability
* Product design
* Investment strategies in social enterprise


November 30, 2010: Competition Entry Form due. Entrants will be required to complete this form in order to enter. Feedback on forms will be provided within 2-3 weeks.

February 18, 2010: Deadline to submit case, along with Case Submission Form.

April 2010: Winners announced.

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