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Spring 2011: 2 half semester courses offered on Haiti (research-based, work in Haiti helping design schools)

Prof. James Lutz will be leading a group of graduate architecture students to Haiti beginning in March of 2011 (half semester course) and Prof. John Comazzi will be teaching a research-based seminar during the first half of Spring term (mid January - beginning of March) helping Prof. Lutz and his students prepare for their work designing schools in Haiti.

The first seminar will focus on collecting, organizing and synthesizing the necessary background knowledge and most useful information to facilitate the work Prof. Lutz and his students will produce in Haiti with Architecture for Humanity, as well as long-term redevelopment strategies with the American Refugee Committee. The students who take the Comazzi seminar will assemble a "research manual" and "field guide" to facilitate both of those parallel efforts.

They hope to draw students from multiple departments for the seminar (if students can manage the 7-week time frame in their schedule). Additionally, they are hoping to include a series of guest presentations or lectures by a range of experts and scholars from various disciplines as part of the course.

The course is currently scheduled to meet on Tue and Thurs 9:45am to 12:30pm.

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