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Peacebuilding training in Davao, Philippines

MPI is inviting applicants to its 12th Annual Peacebuilding Training from May 16 -- June 3, 2011 in Davao City, Southern Philippines. It will be held for three weeks and will offer 14 courses in areas such as conflict transformation, peace education, protection and trauma healing. The deadline for submission of applications is March 15, 2011. The MPI 2011 brochure and application form are attached.

For more info see http://www.mpiasia.net/web1/

MPI is inviting applicants to its 12th Annual Peacebuilding Training from May 16 -- June 3, 2011 in Davao City, Philippines. It will be held for three weeks and will offer 14 courses in areas such as conflict transformation, peace education, protection and trauma healing. The deadline for submission of applications is March 15, 2011. Please download our 2011 Brochure and Application Form.

The following are the course offerings:

Foundation Courses: Introduction to Conflict Transformation, Fundamentals of Peacebuilding, Peace Education: Concepts and Approaches, and Active Non-violence: Philosophy, Theory and Practice.

Week 2
Thematic Courses:Conflict Resolution Skills: Mediation, Negotiation and Dialogue; Theory and Practice of Mediation; Religion: Peacebuilding in Multi-Cultural Societies; Trauma Healing and Reconciliation in Divided Communities; and Working Towards Change: Peace and Justice Advocacy.

Week 3
Thematic Courses: Gender, Peace and Everyday Life Security, and Advanced Civilian Protection.
Field Exposure Courses:Indigenous Peoples' Peacebuilding Mechanisms; Approaches to Grassroots Peacebuilding: Interreligious Dialogue and Zones of Peace; and People's Participation in Peace Processes.

Ability to communicate in English (oral and written).
At least two years experience in peacebuilding, or in the related areas of development and human rights.
Clearly outlined objectives/strategies for applying the learnings and skills from MPI to one's work situation or specific context to be outlined in a Statement of Intent. (See application form.)
Individuals must be mature and committed to fully participate in the courses.
Openness to dialogue with people of other faiths and cultures.
Physically fit and willing to immerse in community contexts (for those who will enroll in the field exposure courses).

Rates per course are as follows:

Application Fee
Course Fee
International organizations based outside the Philippines
US$ 50
US$ 550/week
International organizations based in the Philippines
PhP 500
PhP 18,000/week
Philippine organizations/institutions
PhP 500
PhP 13,500/week

The non-refundable application fee of PhP 500 for local participants and US$ 50 for international participants is required per participant. Please note that the course fee includes cost of accommodations, meals, course materials and other course-related costs.

For payment of the course fees, please wait for the billing statement that will be sent after the receipt of your application. After transferring your application fee and course fee to the accounts indicated above, please scan a copy of the transaction slip and e-mail it to the address indicated or fax the details of the transaction to MPI. This is a must for the issuance of a receipt and for our records. Bank charges for electronic payments should be shouldered by the payer.

Meals are covered in the costs of the course. Accommodations are simple and dormitory-style with several people in one room. Please note any special dietary needs on the application form. Those interested in off-campus accommodations may do so at their own expense. MPI will provide a list of hotels and contact details upon request.

Travel and medical-related costs are the responsibility of the participants or sponsoring organizations. The Institute will only cover travel costs for the Field Exposure Courses. If help is needed in obtaining a visa to the Philippines, please indicate this on the application form.

Class numbers will be limited to 25 participants per course on a "first come, first served" basis. So, it is important that you select alternates in case your first choice is not available. Course materials and handouts will be provided. Classes will be from Monday to Friday and are typically from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm, with lunch and coffee breaks. Participants are encouraged to interact and socialize with other class members in their free time.

The MPI Annual Training will be held at the Brokenshire Resort and Convention Center, Brokenshire Heights, Madapo, Davao City, Philippines.

Registration will be held between 15:00 - 17:00 on May 15, May 22, and May 29 at the lobby of the Brokenshire Resort and Convention Center. We discourage registration on the first day of the course to avoid class interruption.

MPI encourages those coming in groups to select a delegation head for direct and easier coordination. In order to maximize the learning opportunity, group members are encouraged to choose separate courses.

Participants are invited to prepare a country presentation, with focus on the culture of their country. This will be an opportunity to feature national costumes, music and dances. Please bring things representative of your country/cultural community to which you belong, such as: clothing, musical instruments, handicrafts, poetry, songs, posters, brochures, photos, peace banners, country flags and videos. These events will be scheduled in the evenings during the week.

Outings (e.g., trips to the beach or other places of interest) will be organized during weekends at a cost to the participants. These announcements will be posted during the training. Costs related to these trips are not included in the fees.

Only applications with completed requirements will be processed.
Applicants who have been accepted will be notified by a confirmation letter and billing statement from MPI. Waitlisted participants also will receive notification. Cancellation of an application must be done 3 weeks before the training to allow waitlisted participants to take the slot/s. MPI reserves the right to collect a corresponding fee if cancellation is not done within the prescribed period.

The deadline for receipt of applications is March 15, 2011. Applications should be sent to this email address: mpi(at)mpiasia.net Notification of acceptance will be sent out in early April via e-mail or fax. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the contact form on this website.

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