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Scholarships for young local government staff working for local governments in developing countries & E. European (non-EU) countries to train in the Netherlands

Description: The Talent for Governance Scholarships enable ambitious, young civil servants in local governance to follow a training course at The Hague Academy for Local Governance in the
Netherlands. These courses offer an opportunity to see, do and experience governance from a
typically local point of view. Contributions and cases come from local governance experts from all
parts of the world. By following these courses, the civil servants will develop the knowledge and skills they need to improve living conditions in their local societies.

Course topics are, for example: citizen participation, municipal management, local economic
development, infrastructure or the provision of public services like water, health and education.

To Apply: To qualify for a scholarship, you are a civil servant working for local government. You are young and ambitious and work in one of these countries. You have at least two years of
working experience in local governance and will be working for it at least two more years. Your
English is fluent. You are able to explain why you should be awarded a scholarship in a letter of

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