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Certificate in Women's Leadership in a Global Perspective (online program)


The Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy's Online Graduate Certificate in Women's Leadership in a Global Perspective has its academic home in the Department of Public Policy and Public Affairs at the McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies. The program, which is offered entirely online, focuses on the careful study of:

* governmental structures and political processes internationally;
* the effects of public policies on women;
* the formation and implementation of public policies relevant to women; and
* the roles women have played, as well as the need for their greater involvement, in politics and policy formulation and implementation.

The courses in this program are designed to educate current and future women leaders on how best to address women's issues and reduce gender inequalities worldwide. Through educational and experiential opportunities that reflect the endogenous cultures and values of each cohort of women from around the world who participate in the program, our curriculum will enhance the leadership skills and ability to influence public policy of each program participant, thereby preparing her to take on a leadership role within the political structure of her country.

Most recently the field of leadership studies has shifted its focus to women and leadership because, without a clear understanding of the political structures in which women operate, an ability to analyze public policies with an eye toward their effect on women, or knowledge about leadership development strategies, many women are unable to affect the public policies that impact their daily lives.
This Program is For

Candidates for this program include women working in NGOs, as appointed or elected officials (including newly elected members of parliament and other levels of office), journalists, public officials, businesswomen, and others interested in women's leadership development. The program also invites women to apply who bring experiences from the "Global South" (Africa, South Asia, the Middle East, and South America) and women from countries in a democratic transition process, such as those in Eastern Europe. Women from other countries around the world, including Asia, Europe, and the United States, are also welcome - and together the students examine women's leadership in politics and policymaking from a comparative perspective, drawing on their experiences within their respective countries.

The Center feels it is vitally important to build upon this interest in women's leadership to train a new cohort of women leaders from the Global South. Our Online Graduate Certificate Program in Women's Leadership in a Global Perspective will help fill the need to increase the ability of women in these countries to have a greater voice in the public policies that affect women and their families.

Students may enroll in one or more courses, including as electives in other programs. Successful completion of all six courses is required, however, to gain a graduate certificate from the University of Massachusetts Boston.
Post Completion Options

Upon completing the proposed program, graduates will be ideally positioned to seize the job opportunities available to individuals with such a high level of training; women's leadership experts are employed by NGOs, local/national government agencies, business corporations, and international agencies, or even as political entrepreneurs.

By virtue of "meeting" women from around the globe online, students taking these courses will be able to tap into a global network of organizations, agencies, educational opportunities, and individuals.

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