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NYU Wagner Summer Courses Abroad 2011: Accra, Geneva, Shanghai

NYU Wagner's Office of International Programs will present four exciting courses abroad this summer in Accra, Ghana; Geneva, Switzerland; and Shanghai, China. These courses provide students and professionals with an opportunity to enhance conceptual knowledge while learning from and interacting with leading experts in the field.

The first deadline to register is February 1, 2011, and on a rolling basis thereafter.

For more information, contact NYU Wagner's Office of International Programs at wagner.international(at)nyu.edu, or call 212-992-9866.

Health Systems and Health Reform in Ghana: Accra
May 29 - June 10, 2011
Accra, Ghana at NYU Accra
This course will explore the process of health reform in the context of Ghana, a rapidly changing developing country, where important health reforms have been recently implemented. The course will explore the theory of health systems and health reform as well as the reality of such processes through a mix of classroom, interview/guest lectures with key stakeholders, and an independent research project. Health reforms in countries across the global will be studied as well as those in Ghana, including the implementation of the National Health Insurance Scheme, the scale up of services for HIV/AIDS, and exemption policies for pregnant women.

For more information, visit http://wagner.nyu.edu/global/abroad/ghana2.php.

Politics and Economics of Hunger and Food Security
June 12-24, 2011
Accra, Ghana at NYU Accra
Description: Description: ghana-47This course explores the political and economic policy issues surrounding hunger and food security, drawing on many case examples and using Ghana as a case study. The course will provide an overview of some of the core dimensions of global hunger and food security policy issues, including debates over a new green revolution, food aid, fair trade, the impact of expanded biofuels production, and the impact of the inter-related financial, food, and fuel crises. The class will incorporate visits to sites in Ghana and discussions with organizations involved in efforts to enhance food security.

For more information, visit http://wagner.nyu.edu/global/abroad/ghana.php.

International Health Policy and Prospects
June 18-24, 2011
Geneva, Switzerland
The course features an on-site exploration of international health policy in Geneva, the seat of major international organizations that have a direct bearing on international health. Infectious diseases, global communications, violence and wars, and rapid social and economic changes as well as concern for provision of health care that is effective and efficient all present daunting challenges to health leaders today. Students in this course will hear first-hand insight from leaders of international health organizations about the trends in world health and the effects of globalization on health policy making in developed and developing countries.

For more information, visit http://wagner.nyu.edu/global/abroad/geneva.php.

Urbanization and Sustainable Development in a Transitional Economy: Experiencing China
June 19-July 1, 2011
Shanghai, China at NYU Shanghai
Within the next 20 years, China will move 300 million people--similar in number to the entire U.S. population--from rural to urban areas. The massive and rapid urbanization poses tremendous challenges to environment and sustainability, but also offer great opportunities for industrial restructuring and economic development. This process is accompanied with the transition from a centrally-controlled to a market-oriented economy. This course exposes students to diverse issues under this context such as urban renewal, motorization, land use planning, public finance in infrastructure, housing reform, real estate development, property rights, economic development zones, environmental protection, alternative energy, social welfare, etc. The course combines classroom lectures, local guest speakers, visits to local organizations, and field trips in Shanghai and nearby towns and villages.

For more information, visit http://wagner.nyu.edu/global/abroad/shanghai.php.

NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service
Office of International Programs
The Puck Building
295 Lafayette Street, 2nd floor
New York, NY, 10012

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