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Summer Internship with Grassroots Jerusalem (grad & undergrad)

crosslisted from Peace and Collaborative Development Network
In order to collect data for the website, Grassroots Jerusalem will host 6-10 international interns for ten weeks during the summer of 2011, from June 12 - August 19. The full-time internship will involve 40-50 hours of work per week.

Due to an anticipated high volume of applications, only selected applicants will be contacted. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so interested candidates are encouraged to apply promptly.

Interested applicants should contact intern(at)grassrootsjerusalem.org with questions or for more information.

Grassroots Jerusalem supports, legitimizes, and connects local civic initiatives by providing an "evolving map" of Jerusalem's current bottom-up activities and organizations in order to match global and local assets with community needs and to develop grassroots capacity to promote human rights and sustainability. We will provide a picture of what is currently happening on the ground: the pending urgent issues, the local solutions, and where support is needed to further the work. Our primary platform will be an open-source website that features an online map identifying relevant needs and assets of each community, as well as an online database of profiles for community organizations working towards human rights, nonviolence, and sustainability. Furthermore, Grassroots Jerusalem will provide working space in East Jerusalem for Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists. Grassroots Jerusalem believes that true, sustainable peace must be rooted in the grassroots level, so we empower the voice of Jerusalem residents in order to achieve just, sustainable social change.

Grassroots Jerusalem has created a community needs/assets assessment and organizational profiling project towards the overarching objective of creating an interactive map of Jerusalem. Through the use of open source technologies such as Open Street Maps and Ushahidi mapping, interns will have the opportunity to contribute to the creation of our map, as well as teach how to use these tools to community members. Due to the variety of communities that exist in Jerusalem and the cultural sensitivity required of participants in this project, this internship represents a fantastic opportunity for independent-minded, dedicated interns to gain practical project management experience on a team with community organizers and activists working to improve the overall quality of life for people living in Jerusalem.

All interns will be responsible for performing the following:

* Collecting data via community mapping, interviewing, and Needs/Assets Assessments in neighborhoods throughout Jerusalem.
* Establishing and maintaining sustainable relationships with local grassroots organizations and community organizers.
* Articulating the mission of Grassroots Jerusalem while communicating with local partners and community members about the progress of their community assessment.
* Monitoring on-going projects, evaluating progress, and appropriately documenting the data collected in the Grassroots Jerusalem database.
* Assisting Grassroots Jerusalem staff where needed in administrative tasks as directed and requested.
* Producing materials that illustrate and support grassroots initiatives pertinent to a designated community.
* Collecting and assembling information for a guidebook for international activists in Jerusalem.

Additionally, select interns may have the opportunity to spend up to 40% of their weekly workload on one of the following specialized projects:
* Development of open-source website and applications to facilitate data collection and data visualization
* Analysis of public policy within Jerusalem municipality
* Training community members on the use of basic website functions
* Writing, editing, and graphic design of the guidebook

Educational Program
The first week of the internship will consist of a five-day orientation to Jerusalem, its diverse cultures, and the multiple narratives about the history and current state of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in addition to skills training. The internship will also offer the opportunity to attend weekly meetings that will allow for additional education, reflection, emotional support, and socializing. The educational program will conclude with sessions to debrief the internship, celebrate successes, and prepare for returning home.

Local Partnerships
The international interns will work alongside local youth and university students, who will provide cultural, linguistic, and logistical expertise while performing the same responsibilities in the local communities regarding community outreach, interviewing, data collection, and providing basic training about the website functionality.

Desired Qualifications
* A passion for international development, community organization and human rights.
* Current student or recent graduate of a graduate program focused on relevant academic areas.
* Strong computer skills.
* A proven ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
* Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a team.
* Experience of training/teaching is desirable.
* Fluency in spoken and written English; Arabic or Hebrew language skills are valuable but not required.

Interns will need to be in Jerusalem and ready to begin work on Sunday, June 12th for the mandatory orientation week, and will need to be available until Friday, August 19th. Interns are welcome to stay longer. Interns will travel to Israel on tourist visas, which can be obtained by North American and European citizens upon entry to Israel.

As this is an unpaid internship, there is no salary or stipend. The Grassroots Jerusalem staff is committed to helping interns take advantage of the variety of funding available through their educational institutions, and can assist with letter-writing to help interns reach out to their friends, family and local organizations for financial support.

It is the interns' responsibility to explore their own options for receiving course credit from their home universities. The ten-week educational program and resources will be provided at no cost to the intern. While Grassroots Jerusalem staff will offer assistance with locating housing options in neighborhoods throughout Jerusalem, interns will be responsible for their own housing and accommodations.

How to apply
Please fill out the information below on a separate page and email your resume, cover letter, and the answers to the following questions to intern@grassrootsjerusalem.org.

1. What interests you about interning in Jerusalem? What is your level of familiarity with Jerusalem?
2. Describe your work habits: What experience have you had working in a team towards a common objective? What do you enjoy about working in this manner? What do you find most challenging?
3. What kind of support do you require of the Grassroots Jerusalem staff to work effectively this summer?
4. What do you believe makes you an excellent candidate for this internship opportunity?

If you are interested in one of the special projects - web development, public policy, community education & training, or guidebook design - please indicate your interest and include a description of your qualifications with respect to the particular skills, experience, and academic background required for such a role.

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