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Univ of Peace Online courses for grad students

UPEACE Online Courses http://www.upeace.org/elearning/faq.cfm

The UPEACE online courses are graduate courses. Each course has duration of 10 weeks, as it is divided into 10 lessons. Participants can take them for 3 UPEACE academic credits or for non-credit. Typically, non-synchronic techniques will be used; however, participants will interact with their professor in many different ways. The programme intends to provide participants with the most modern concepts and theoretical approaches in each field of study, and to find practical applications related to the student's own realities, working experience, and place of action.

UPEACE presents courses on issues related to the study of peace and conflict. UPEACE has recognized the importance and effectiveness of distance educational processes and is planning to take advantage of the experience accumulated throughout the years by UPEACE faculty in their face-to-face teaching.

UPEACE hopes to expand the number of courses in the coming years to eventually offer Certificates, Diplomas, and an Executive Masters Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Normally, the cost for a 3-Credit course is US$950. The cost for the accompanying Non-credit is US$750. Some payment options will require additional bank charges.

To contact us for more information, please email: admissions(at)elearning.upeace.org

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