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Call for Instructors for Course on Social Justice -Applications due by March 4, 2011


The Undergraduate Exchange Program of Open Society Foundation is currently recruiting two instructors to teach a course emphasizing social justice for 3rd year university students at its Pre-Departure Orientation from July 15th to July 21st, 2011 (tentative dates) at a university campus just outside of Istanbul, Turkey. The purpose of the orientation is to build community among a new cadre of fellows, expose students to Open Society values, prepare them for academic and cultural life in the U.S., and engage them in critical thinking and action about human rights and active citizenship.

The Undergraduate Exchange Program (UEP) is sponsored by Open Society Foundations (OSF) in New York and awards fellowships to 30 university students from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine to participate in one year of non-degree liberal arts study in the United States and to engage in community service and civil society development. At the summer Pre-Departure Orientation, fellows are introduced to teaching methods and a classroom atmosphere they will encounter in the U.S. Emphasis is made on engaging students in Open Society themes such as democracy, social justice and human rights, particularly in the U.S. and/ or in their home regions.

Orientation is a very full, but rich program that covers a range of information and activity. During orientation, students will be enrolled in an intensive academic writing workshop series that will require writing assignments and a final paper. The course focused on social justice will utilize alternatives to writing assignments such as short readings, class discussions and/ or presentations. Instructors are encouraged to be creative with the design of their syllabi and classroom environment however, it is requested that they work with the programmatic schedule as follows:

Each instructor will be assigned 15 students, be given 5 days to teach a 1 hour and 15 minute class each day and 2 afternoons (up to 5 hours) dedicated to office hours for individualized student consultation. Assignments should require approximately 30 minutes to complete since more time will be needed for academic writing. A final project, if applicable, should require approximately 1-1.5 hours to complete. Students will have some access to the internet for research, should this be necessary.

Note: There is a 1 day break in between the 4th and the 5th (and final) class where students participate in community service, should this support course content. Also, fellows have strong academic backgrounds and proficiency in English, however sensitivity should be exercised in selecting class assignments for these second language learners. It is advisable to give reading assignments such as an article or excerpts of no more than 5 pages. Preference will be given to native English speakers and instructors who use dynamic, interactive methodology and compelling, social justice content.

Careful consideration has been made to provide instructors sufficient time to prepare classes and provide assessment as well as to participate in programmatic activities, where desired. Instructors will be given an honorarium, round-trip airfare, meals, and accommodations covered by OSF.

To apply, please submit the following items to BOTH Kathleen Freis: kfreis(at)sorosny.org and Wing Mai Sang: wsang(at)sorosny.org. Applications are due by March 4, 2011.

* A description of the academic writing workshop series, including key objectives - approximately 1 page.
* A lesson plan outline for 5 sessions, with sample readings and a description of the final assignment that should be a maximum of 2 pages.
* A short CV describing your educational and professional background.
* A list of 2 references and their email addresses.

Please note: Only those selected as potential instructors will be contacted in mid to late March. Thank you very much for your interest.

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