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Free Resources for NGOs

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How to write a proposal for a Community Livelihoods Development Project
Strengthening livelihoods, especially ensuring food security and increasing income opportunities for local communities, is one of the core responsibilities of NGOs working in poor and developing countries. As many efforts are made in this direction, small organizations continue to face challenges in developing a plan or a project proposal to raise funds...

How to write Proposals on Projects addressing Climate Change
As issues related to climate change and global warming start to occupying large spaces on our tables, it is high time that we also made preparations to address them in a holistic manner. Many NGOs are not yet ready to equip themselves with information on climate change either because...

A Simple Format for NGOs to write Job Descriptions for their Staff
Writing job descriptions for staff is a necessary part of a well-managed human resource management system. However, often NGOs ignore to define the role of their staffs even after they join the organization for work. Maintaining job descriptions not only reflect the effectiveness...

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