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Global Career Update February 2011 College Edition


This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including voting in Switzerland, finding a place to live in Singapore and working in France. It also explores etiquette tips when in Brazil and staying healthy while abroad.

Staying healthy while abroad
Before making a move abroad, it is important to consider health issues, take certain precautions and evaluate issues related to health insurance. Planning ahead and maintaining good health habits can help expats make the most of living overseas.

Experiences differ for Chinese and Western expats
Western expatriates in China have it easier than Chinese expatriates in the West. Expat packages which offer family accommodation and better pay are part of the reason. Also, in most cases, Western expats want to be in China. The opposite is not always true.

Denmark seeks ways to help foreigners settle easier and faster
new study indicates that foreigners would settle more successfully in Denmark if they were assisted with the practical aspects of relocation. Relocation and orientation assistance would also make Denmark more attractive to expats.

France implements changes to employee-on-assignment permit
Several changes are being implemented to the employee-on-assignment permit in France. This permit combines work and residence permits for those foreign nationals working temporarily for French companies as intracompany transferees.

Etiquette tips when traveling to Brazil
When traveling or moving to Brazil, it is important to know some basic customs and local etiquette. Lunches can last over two hours in the country. It is also inappropriate to wear yellow and green - the colors of the Brazilian flag - at the same time.

Finding a place to live in Singapore
One of the most important aspects of moving to a new country is finding a suitable place to live. In Singapore, this process involves several steps. Learn about them in order to know what to expect and how to maneuver the real estate system.

Several universities set to open in South Korea
A number of American and European universities are slated to open campuses in South Korea's Incheon Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in the next few years in a bid to enhance education quality in South Korea and attract more foreign investors.

Exchange students learn about European citizenship
Recently, 150 students who participated in the European Citizenship Trimester Program (ECTP) met in Dworp, Belgium to share their experiences and increase their knowledge of active European citizenship.


Argentina: Daily office protocol
It is possible for Argentines to disagree and be critical of opinions but remain on friendly terms. As a result, office life can be boisterous in Argentina. It is appropriate to maintain a formal manner until relationships have been established in the country.

Austria: Economic and employment outlook
The services sector, industrial sector and agricultural sector take the lead in Austria's well-developed market economy. While many have predicted a slow recovery for Austria from the recent global economic downturn, recent reports are more optimistic.

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