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Online courses on peace & development with Johan Galtung (and others)

On-site courses by some of the same resource persons are offered at the
World Peace Academy in Basel, Switzerland (www.word-peace-academy.ch).

FOR MORE INFORMATION and registration, please visit our website
www.transcend.org/tpu or contact us by email at tpu(at)transcend.org

Peace and Development online Certificate Courses

Call for Applications for the First Semester 2011
9 online courses on peace and development
7 March - 27 May, 2011

TRANSCEND Peace University (TPU) was founded in 2000 by the pioneer of Peace Studies and Research, Prof. Johan Galtung, who also is the Rector of TPU. We invite you to take online courses in the next TPU semester, 7 March - 27 May 2011. Join the growing number of TPU students and alumni--peace practitioners, NGO activists, civil society leaders--all united by the inspiring vision of Peace by Peaceful Means.

Studying with the founder of a new discipline is a special opportunity. Imagine studying medicine with Hippocrates, geometry with Euclid, economics with Adam Smith or psychoanalysis with Sigmund Freud.

PURPOSE: TPU seeks to promote inter-disciplinary peace studies, and make them accessible to as wide a community as possible. For this, we opted for an online format. TPU faculty is drawn from amongst the leading peace scholars and practitioners in their fields from around the world. A valuable asset to our courses is brought by participants themselves, by the diversity of cultures from around the world, meeting together on the TPU online platform, sharing experiences, helping each other expand the worldviews, and finding creative solutions, approaches and ideas for a wide range of conflicts and peace-related issues. TPU courses cover
theory as well as practical experience.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: The program is addressed to anyone interested in peace and development, whether beginner or seasoned practitioner, including NGO members, diplomats, politicians, government officials, international civil servants, students, teachers, journalists, social workers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, officers, psychologists, artists.

COURSES: In the first semester of 2011, TPU offers 9 online courses. Each course lasts 12 weeks. You are welcome to take one or several courses, depending on the time you have available. Participation requires the commitment to read and analyze the materials posted by the resource persons, to participate actively in group discussions and assignments and
to respect time frames. Our past experience has shown that participants must be ready to devote no less than eight hours a week in order to benefit satisfactorily from the course.

7 March - 27 May 2011
(Course descriptions and biographical notes about our resource persons can be found on our website www.transcend.org/tpu)

- Advanced Conflict Transformation (Prof. Dr. Johan Galtung)
- Reconciliation (Dr. Joanna Santa Barbara)
- Peace, Music and the Arts (Dr. Olivier Urbain)
- Peace Business (Prof. Fred Dubee)
- Peace and Islam (PD Dr. Abbas Aroua)
- Peace and Democracy (Prof. Dr. Paul D. Scott)
- Nonviolence (Jorgen Johansen)
- Education for Peace (Prof. Dr. H.B. Danesh)
- Dialogue, Negotiation and Mediation (Dr. S. P. Udayakumar)

2nd term 2011
26 September - 16 December 2011
The schedule for our second term will be available soon.

FEES: 500 Euro per course for participants coming from OECD count 250 Euro per course for participants coming from non-OECD countries. The division of fees as for OECD and non-OECD residents is made in order to create more opportunities for participants around the world. Each
participant receives two books published by TRANSCEND University Press (www.transcend.org/tup), specified by the requirements of the course.

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