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Summer School in Human Rights Litigation, Budapest, July 2011

http://www.summer.ceu.hu/02-courses/course-sites/humanrights/index-humanrights.php Applications must be submitted by February 15, 2011.

Open Society Justice Initiative - Call for Applications: Summer School in Human Rights Litigation

The Open Society Justice Initiative and Central European University invite applicants for the 2011 Summer School in Human Rights Litigation, to be held in Budapest from July 11 to 15.

The Summer School provides a unique opportunity for established human rights professionals to build on their experience and to develop their skills. The curriculum will combine presentations, case studies, exercises, and discussion groups with preparatory work and further reading to ensure full maximum benefit for those attending the course. Participants will be invited to provide information on cases they are working on and those concrete examples will help shape discussion.

The curriculum includes a detailed analysis of procedures before the various human rights tribunals, such as the African, Inter-American, and European regional bodies, as well as the most frequently used United Nations committees. It will also review procedural questions, including the exhaustion of domestic remedies, forum choice, admissibility, building evidence in support, remedies, and how to plan for the implementation of a judgment.

Skills workshops will present practical instruction on essential legal skills such as research, drafting, client care, and ethics. As a complement to these legal tools, experts in advocacy, communications and campaigning will draw on their experience to demonstrate how these techniques can support human rights litigation at the national and international level.

The course will allow participants to choose specialist seminars including national security, torture and the right to life, discrimination, freedom of information, corruption, freedom of expression, and arrest rights.

The Summer School faculty consists of academics from CEU and practitioners from the Justice Initiative, combining both an academic analysis and a practical assessment of different human rights situations faced by lawyers and activists around the world.

Participants need not be practicing lawyers. They must have at least three years experience in human rights litigation or activism, and will be required to submit examples of cases and issues that they have been involved in. Practitioners are particularly encouraged from Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Instruction will be in English. Bursaries towards tuition fees and expenses including travel are available where the need can be demonstrated.

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