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Transnational NGO Leadership Institute 2011 at Syracuse Univ.


Transnational NGO Leadership Institute 2011: Preparing to make a leadership "leap"?
see http://www.maxwell.syr.edu/leadership_inst.aspx?id=77309413437
Potential leaders focused on obtaining top transnational NGO leadership positions and executives building a succession plan for their organization carefully consider what is necessary to make a successful leadership "leap". The Transnational NGO Leadership Institute welcomes global NGO professionals to upstate New York, USA, for a five-day, intensive and interdisciplinary program to gain skills to make this leadership "leap."

What are the leadership "leaps"?

The program will address the following issues critical to transnational NGO leaders who wish to make the 'leap' to top leadership:

* Leading in a Complex Context: understanding the broader landscape of actors and issues
* Organizational Governance, Boards and Membership: board leadership, organizational change and design
* Collaboration: networks, partnerships and collaborative governance
* Power Relationships: politics, symbolic leadership and leadership in times of change and crisis
* Strategic Resource Mobilization, Allocation and Management

Program Takeaways

* Understand the effect of your individual leadership style and receive customized insight
* Expand and test specific leadership competencies
* Integrate your learning through experiential, hands-on exercises, assignments, simulations etc.
* Engage with peers examining the same leadership challenges and expand your global network
* Reap actionable benefits in terms of your leadership and organizational challenges

Who should attend the Transnational NGO Leadership Institute?

The Leadership Institute serves the specific leadership transition needs of incoming, rising leaders in NGOs or networks that operate transnationally, across national borders. This includes NGOs and networks that work in two countries or more, within a region or globally. Leaders who work in NGOs or networks that work entirely domestically, within one country, are not eligible.

In addition, the Leadership Institute focuses on leaders who work at a level in their organizations just underneath the top level, in a 'second tier' leadership capacity.

Examples of eligible leaders are:

* People currently working in top or senior management teams, at the second tier of operations and management in transnational NGOs and networks;
* People who work in 'internationalized' or global sections of organizations, such as International Secretariats, Global Headquarters and Regional Headquarters;
* People with jobs such as (Senior) Vice President, Assistant Secretary General, Deputy Executive Director, Regional Director, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Director of Campaigns, Programs or Development, etc;
* Directors of NGO Country Offices who also have international or regional mandates.

Costs, Payment & Scholarships
Costs and scholarship opportunities

The training fee will be $2,500 for the five day program. In addition, participants will be expected to pay their travel, room and board costs. The room and board costs are expected to be approximately $1,040 for the five day program.

An 'early bird discount' of $100 will be deducted from the total training fee for those applicants who sign up by February 28.

A modest number of scholarships will be available for applicants from developing countries; these will be allocated on a competitive basis. Please see details in the Application Form. We recommend that, besides applying for a partial or full scholarship through the Leadership Institute, you also seek funding from your organization's donors to enhance your chances to participate.

Billing, payment and cancellation information

If your application is accepted, you will receive a notice of acceptance by email. You will also, subsequently, receive an invoice by email. At that time, participants will be expected to make a deposit of $1000 towards the costs of the program, which is due by June 1st. The remaining portion of your payment will be due by August 1st.

Cancellation policy: cancellations are accepted without charge if written notification is received at least 30 days prior to the program's starting date. Cancellations received after that time will be charged 25 percent of the total training fee.

Selection of paying as well as scholarship participants is based upon extent of significant management and leadership experience, level of responsibility within the organization, motivation, and sector, size, geographical and gender diversity.

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