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6 MDP students awarded Judd Fellowships (Hansen, Hogan, Ndougonna, Nezhad, Paschke, Zomer)

Congratulations to MDP students Britta Hansen, Devin Hogan, Carine Ndougonna, Sheila Nezhad, Sadie Paschke, and Ali Zomer on receiving a 2011 Walter H. Judd Fellowship

Project details follow (each student is part of a team):

Britta Hansen
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
M.D.P. -- Sustainable Development
Country of Study -- Bolivia
Hansen will work with two other MDP students to create survey questions and implement an evaluation that will serve the Mano a Mano organization in evaluating the economic, health, and agricultural impacts of water reservoirs for the surrounding communities. Additionally she will work to create and implement a baseline survey of a community that has requested a water reservoir. This information will help the organization to better understand the needs of the community as well as measure the future impact of a water project.

Devin Hogan, Ndoyam Carine Ndougonna, and Sheila Nezhad
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
M.D.P -- International Development
Country of Study -- Liberia
Judd Fellows Hogan, Ndougonna, and Nezhad will work with another MDP student to conduct an evaluation of the Liberia Fellows and the President's Young Professional Program, two projects that recruit young Liberians and the diaspora to work at the ministerial level in the Liberian government with a goal to build local capacity and reverse brain drain. The program's first round of funding is ending and the Judd Fellows will help determine and measure outcomes from its first two years to attract new donors and expand its reach both within the government and across the diaspora.

Sadie Paschke and Allison Zomer
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
M.D.P. -- Development Practice, International Development
Country of Study -- Egypt
Paschke and Zomer will work with three other MDP students on a project with the traditional waste pickers, assessing Cairo's solid waste-management system to determine how the garbage collectors can be retained in the system in which they are increasingly being replaced, by drawing on the environmental benefits they can provide. She will determine composition of waste, and specific rates of waste and recycling, analyze costs and profits, and identify the current roles of both informal and formal waste management in Cairo at all stages of collection and processing. This project aspires to demonstrate that using both new technology and existing expertise can have real positive effects on an urban area and the environment, while preserving the livelihood of a community.

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