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AUK Summer Program 2011

The Summer Program at AUK provides undergraduate and graduate students unique opportunities to learn about conflict management, humanitarian interventions, protecting human rights, the changing nature of security, national and regional peace-building, reconstruction, democracy-building, collective memory, transitional justice, and economic development in post-conflict societies, as well as the prospects for regional co-operation and sustainable peace in the "living laboratory" of Kosovo. Our educational vision is to offer an unequalled intellectual setting for students to interact with a unique mixture of international scholars, representatives of NGO's, transnational organizations and the "international community," diplomats, retired military personnel, peacekeepers, ex-combatants, regional experts, governmental practitioners, and individuals who have lived through and participated in conflict transformations.

The goal of our program is to bridge the gap between theory and practice relative to the myriad of challenges associated with international interventions, conflict transformations, and the fostering of peace, security, and development. Although our courses maintain a primary focus on Kosovo, several classes explore various other regional and global conflicts. In an age replete with dramatic misunderstandings and intolerance among the world's peoples, cultures, and religions, particularly involving the West and the so-called "Islamic world," the Balkans in general, and Kosovo in particular, provide unusual opportunities to learn significant lessons.

Kindly explore the link provided for further information. If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to write to our general mailbox at: summerinfo@aukonline.org


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