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Minority Rights & Indigenous Peoples Summer School, Irish Center for Human Rights

For more information or to apply, follow this link: http://www.conference.ie/Conferences/index.asp?Conference=17
Minority Rights & Indigenous Peoples Summer School-Irish Center for Human Rights- June 13 - 17, 2011- Deadline: June 1

On behalf of the Irish Centre for Human Rights we are pleased to welcome delegates to our annual summer school on Minority Rights, Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights Law. The aim of the course is to provide participants with an overview of the legal, political and philosophical issues pertaining to international human rights law and its relationship to minority rights and the rights of indigenous peoples. During the course participants seek to understand, assimilate and critically evaluate legal arguments with respect to the international minority rights regime and how it pertains to minorities and indigenous peoples. In addition they are encouraged to analyse the underlying philosophical basis within the discourse and to become familiar with current debates and cases with a special focus on issues such as the right to land, affirmative action policies, and effective political participation and restitution.

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