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PA 5802 Policy Challenges of the Global Economy (required course for global policy concentrations)

Prof. Robert Kudrle will be offering PA 5802 fall term 2011. HHH students who are GPP concentrators are required to take this course. Prof. Kudrle notes that next fall's course "will be extensively revised [from last fall]. The course's aim is to divide attention across policy challenges of economic globalization, the actual content and effects of these policies, and the politics that surround them." robert_kudrle.jpg

For any student interested in global issues, this is an important course. Please direct questions to Dr. Kudrle.

A fuller description of the course follows.

The global economy poses countless challenges to nation-states and to the aspirations of various social groups within them. This course looks at some of those challenges and the associated policy responses. Only a limited subset of those responses involves formally agreed international rules, and most of those rules lack effective enforcement mechanisms. This is not surprising because most of the policy challenges emerged gradually over time, and nation-states have attempted to deal with them while maintaining as much national prerogative as possible. Much of the story of the governance of the global economy can be seen as mixtures of light coordination and information sharing. Stronger governance such as the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund are exceptions. The course will explore the economic logic of globalization and national policy objectives. It will deal with specific policies and institutions related to international trade (including the WTO and regional pacts such as NAFTA); international finance (including the International Monetary Fund); international business and taxation; global aspects of resources and the environment; immigration and emigration; and development (including the UN and the World Bank).

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