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2 MPP students awarded Stassen International grant for summer professional paper research in Colombia (Small, Wu)

Small, MPP, research on IDPs, Bogotá, Colombia
Based on research completed in Bogotá, Colombia over six weeks this summer, I am planning to write a research paper examining the micro-level consequences for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Colombia of the macro-level (national and international) power structures that constrain and facilitate the creation and implementation of effective IDP policy. My work while in Colombia will primarily consist of a series of elite interviews with staff at advocacy and humanitarian organizations, academics, IDP community leaders, and public opinion leaders. I believe that, given my previous work experience and career goals, this project is an appropriate replacement for an internship. My dual concentrations are in Social Policy and Advanced Policy Analysis, both in service of studying migration policy.

Wu, research on US-Colombia FTA, Bogotá, Colombia
I intend to travel to Bogotá, Colombia to conduct elite interviews with academics, opinion leaders, organizational leaders, activists and other stakeholders regarding the proposed U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (FTA). These interviews are part of a broader research and analysis project that will ultimately result in a paper to fulfill the Humphrey's Professional Paper requirement; I believe this project will serve as an adequate or better replacement for an internship, given my previous work experience. Specifically, my proposed paper will address the following research question: "How would the U.S.-Colombia FTA, if implemented, affect the livelihoods of Afro-Colombians, and how does this fit into a broader narrative of Afro-Colombian outcomes in today's era of globalization and neoliberal economic development?"

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