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Amani Children's Home and Friends of Amani US

Amani Children's Home at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa is looking for long-term volunteers with a heart for children, a desire to have a significant impact on their lives and a willingness to live in a developing country. Here are a few basic facts about Amani:

Amani rescues homeless children from life on the streets and provides a safe and caring home, education and healthcare so they can heal, grow, learn and thrive. Founded in 2001, Amani has grown to currently support 300 children, 94 living at the home, and the rest having been placed with families.

Believing education is the key ending the cycle of poverty; Amani has developed an on-site education program, pays school fees for the children once they're able to attend public schools and provides vocational training opportunities so the children can work towards a goal of becoming self-sufficient young adults.

Believing the best environment for a child is with a family; Amani social workers are dedicated to locating relatives for each child who can provide them with a safe and loving home. Amani remains committed to the children reunited with family and to ensuring their success together.

Amani means peace in Swahili. For the hundreds of homeless children who have been helped, Amani has truly been their haven of peace.

Although Amani has a staff of well-qualified Tanzanians, volunteers add a dimension helping make Amani the very special place that it is. Long-term volunteers work directly with the children filling specific positions to meet important needs at Amani. Specific job responsibilities will depend on the position taken. To ensure program continuity and effectiveness, long-term volunteers must to commit to spending at least six months at Amani and to actively learning Swahili.

Current long-term volunteer position openings can be found on the Amani website: http://amanikids.org/volunteering-at-amani/long-term-volunteer-program. Anyone expressing an interest in open positions will be provided with a full position description upon request.

Attached is a list of general requirements for volunteering at Amani as well as a volunteer application. Volunteering in a developing country can be both rewarding and challenging. Every effort is made to ensure volunteers arrive with realistic expectations and that Amani is a good match for everyone involved.

Please share this information with your students, staff or others who may be interested in volunteering and let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

Sincerely, Diane

Diane Morrison
Development Coordinator
Amani Children's Home and Friends of Amani US
escuing Children. Restoring Hope. Transforming Lives.


Amani Children's Home is committed to reducing the number of children living on the streets in Tanzania by providing a nurturing place for homeless children to heal, grow, and learn. In addition to providing long-term care, Amani aims to reunite children with their relatives when possible and to equip their families with the tools they need to be self-sustainable. Amani is dedicated to creating a path for each child that leads to a future filled with hope.

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