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Senior International Fellows Program (October 10 - November 4, 2011).

The Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society is accepting applications to the

2011 Senior International Fellows Program
(October 10 - November 4, 2011).

Application Deadline: June 10, 2011.

The Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society's Senior International Fellows Program provides an opportunity for the professional development of grantmakers and other Third-Sector community philanthropy practitioners who are decision-makers in their professions.

The program is designed to help strengthen Third-Sector capacity in the Fellows' home countries.

Note that senior-level Third-Sector practitioners in the United States are also welcome to apply to participate on a tuition basis or with support from institutional sponsors.

Fellows are based at The Graduate Center of The City University of New York, where they attend weekly seminars, explore the work of key agencies and foundations, meet with nonprofit leaders and study U.S. and international community foundation models.

The program will run from Monday October 10, 2011 through Friday November 4, 2011 (four weeks).

• The program focus will be community foundations set within the context of the global philanthropic sector . Additional trends and practices in philanthropy will be covered to address the research interests of accepted Fellows.

• Based on the seminars, readings, discussions with leaders in the field, and the Fellows' own experiences, each participant will produce a position paper with recommendations for the development, adaptation or expansion of community foundations or another approved topic. It is expected that these recommendations will draw from the variety of foundation experiences and will reflect the political, social, economic and legal frameworks in the Fellows' home countries.

Eligibility and Selection

• The program is open to senior-level practitioners and decision-makers in their professions (generally over the age of 35) in the US and overseas.

• Strong spoken and written English language skills are required. TOEFL scores or the equivalent may be submitted by those whose education was in a language other than English. Alternately, please provide a statement describing your facility with the English language within your professional sphere.

• Candidates must have a strong institutional base.

• Candidates who are 1) affiliated with a community foundation or initiatives to support community philanthropy development, and 2) who illustrate in their proposals a clear interest in furthering the work of community foundations or strengthening the local culture of philanthropy are particularly encouraged to apply.

• Candidates affiliated with other institutions in the philanthropy sector who submit proposals on current trends and practices in philanthropy (other than community foundations ) may apply for consideration on a tuition basis or with financial support from individual or institutional sponsors.

• A select number of applicants will receive full fellowship awards earmarked for citizens of countries other than the United States. These awards provide for tuition, travel, accommodations and stipend (taxable).

• Application on a tuition basis or with financial support from individual or institutional sponsors is open to all, regardless of country of origin or residence. Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements detailed above to be considered for participation on a tuition or sponsorship basis. For further details, please send an e-mail request to: cpcs@gc.cuny.edu

• The selection of program participants will be made by a committee of leaders from the Third Sector.

The Award

• Full fellowship awards cover the costs of tuition, furnished accommodations in Manhattan, and economy round-trip air travel to and from New York City, and includes a stipend (taxable) to help cover research-related and additional living expenses.

• Tuition-based or institutionally-supported appointments may also be made, pending approval by the selection committee.

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