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Some Short Training Program Opportunities!

Dialogue, Mediation and Peace Processes
Advanced Mediation and Peacemaking in Complex Conflicts

3-5 October 2011 - London, UK

A unique three-day Executive Leadership Programme for all those who are challenging conflict, war and post-war situations through:

* mediation
* negotiation
* peacebuilding
* peacemaking
* dialogue processes and
* conflict transformation

Facilitated by Kai Brand-Jacobsen, an expert practitioner from the world-renowned Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR), the programme is designed to actively assist mediation and peace processes by helping parties involved identify ways to strengthen and improve how they work. It is also relevant to:

* mediation experts from domestic and international organisations
* governmental actors

and representatives of

* civil society
* the private sector and
* the UN, EU, OSCE, OAS, AU, ASEAN and the Arab League

Knowledge and skills intensive, the programme creates a unique opportunity for participants to improve the quality and effectiveness of their efforts in negotiation and dialogue. The programme combines expert training, the sharing between practitioners of experiences and lessons learned, and space for facilitated talks and process development.

Conflict Intelligence, Early Warning, Preparedness and Prevention of Armed Conflict
Making Prevention Work: Achieving Operational and Strategic Impact and Effectiveness

6-7 October 2011 - London, UK=

An intensive two-day Executive Leadership Programme, also facilitated by Kai Brand Jacobsen, that will provide a global overview of systems, tools and methods for identifying conflicts before they become violent. It is especially valuable for:

* policy makers
* diplomats
* IGOs
* INGO and NGO staff
* leading experts and practitioners

Using wide-ranging case-studies and examples to illustrate lessons learned and experiences in the field, it will highlight successful policy options that can contribute to effective and comprehensive prevention.

Current practice on conflict intelligence, early warning, preparedness and prevention will be presented and reviewed, identifying strengths and benefits as well as shortcomings and challenges.

Also examined will be how operational, structural and systemic approaches to prevention can be used - by governments, national and international agencies, NGOs and local communities - to better identify escalating conflicts, strengthen capacities to transform them constructively and prevent the outbreak of violence.

Download full details (Word or pdf) and an application form from the following website:

**Please Note: Participation in each programme is limited to only thirty places. Governments, organisations, agencies and individuals wishing to take part are encouraged to apply early.

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