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Strategic studies training seminars (Nahalal, Israel)

These seminars will offer senior ranking officers and senior governmental officials from across the world the opportunity to discuss, share knowledge, and better understand the current security challenges facing nations and their implications.

Should you require further information or assistance regarding the topics mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Ravit Nahir - Gelber Director, Centre for Strategic Studies, at Rnahir(at)galilcol.ac.il Tel: +972 4 642-8868/88 Fax:+972 4 651 4811

In order to address the need of nations to insure their security and political stability, the Center for Strategic Studies at the Galilee International Management Institute is scheduled to hold international seminars on National Security during the second part of 2011:

7 - 18 July, 2011 (2 different seminars):
- National Security
- Port and Maritime Security

3-14 November, 2011:
- Crisis and Mass Disaster Management

21 - 26 November, 2011:
- Advanced Air Force Studies

8 - 19 December, 2011:
- National Security

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