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Going Global job & internship postings available to UMN students & alumni

Dear HHH Students and Grads: See the following newsletter from Going Global. The Going Global job and internship postings and country research are available free of charge through the University of Minnesota's GoldPASS system. If you haven't already done so, set up a GoldPASS account by logging in using your x.500 (internet) ID and completing the user agreement at goldpass.umn.edu

We are pleased to provide you with this issue of the Going Global e-newsletter with the latest information on a variety of international employment issues, legal requirements, work permit changes, cultural advice, and more.

The Going Global Job and Internship database has exploded to include more than 16 million listings from around the world! Now you can search in the local language and register for a job search agent for instant notification of new opportunities. All postings are updated daily.

A reminder that the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Mexico and Russia Country Guides are the latest additions to our collection. Also check out Going Global's H1B Plus database which allows simultaneous search of all 400,000-plus Dept. of Labor visa applications based on company name, location, job title, industry, and/or wage.

We encourage you to distribute this e-newsletter to students and staff as a reminder of the Going Global service provided by your office... and to encourage access to our daily-updated database. More than one million students depend on Going Global to locate employment opportunities both at home and abroad.

As always, your comments and suggestions regarding this newsletter or the Going Global product line are most welcome.

This newsletter is provided as a free service from Going Global. If you do not wish to receive this communication, please use the "Manage your subscription" link at the bottom of this email.

Mary Anne Thompson
President and Founder, Going Global

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