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Engineering Design for Sustainable Development course, taught by Dr. Julian Marshall this Fall open to applications from HHH students

We want to welcome the Humphrey Public Policy students to take the CE 5180 Engineering Design for Sustainable Development course, taught by Dr.Julian Marshall this Fall. This course challenges students to come up with sustainable solutions to environmental problems in India (see below). In the past, we have had several students from Minnesota win the Acara Challenge, and travel to India with funding to launch their ideas.

Enrollment in the course is by application. The class for Fall 2011 was previously closed / full, but based on stronger than expected interest from students in India (US students work in teams with students from India), we have opened more slots for the class. If students are interested in taking the class, they should send Dr.Marshall an application (promptly! ..the first class is in 2 weeks).

More information is below, or people can email Dr.Marshall (julian(at)umn.edu) if they have questions. The class is 9am-noon on Fridays.

The competition
Acara is a multi-university competition, hosted by University of Minnesota, focusing on developing sustainable business and technical solutions for grand challenges facing society. In the past, Acara has tackled topics such as clean energy, clean water, and food security. Students work in multidisciplinary teams, collaborating with students in India, to identify a product or service plus a sustainable business model for delivery. Technical and business development professionals serve as mentors. A primary focus
of the competition is up-front work to identify the "right" problem to solve. More information is available online: > http://environment.umn.edu/acara/program.html
> http://www.AcaraInstitute.org

The course
CE 5180 Design for Sustainable Development is a 4-credit course, open to all majors, and to both undergraduate and graduate students. The only requirement is an interest in how sustainable development interacts with technology, engineering, business, and/or design. The course is offered through Civil Engineering, in collaboration with the
Carlson School of Business and the Institute on the Environment.

Because a limited number of slots are available, students must apply to the course. The class is 9am-noon on Fridays.

Applications should consist of a single document with (1) a CV, including student's major, GPA, and relevant coursework, and (2) a brief essay describing (i) why you would like to take this course, (ii) your relevant experience and expertise, and (iii) how you would contribute to a multidisciplinary team. The text must be Times New Roman size 12 font, with a length limit of 3 pages (combined CV and essay). Applications can be shorter than 3 pages; applications longer than 3 pages will not be reviewed. In the footer of each page, please list the page number, your name, and your email address. For questions, contact Professor Julian Marshall (julian(at)umn.edu) or Fred Rose

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